Solving no docs found for member gjslint on VIM Syntastic

Closure Linter (gjslint) is pretty powerfull for checking our javascript code. If you using VIM, then you should consider using Syntastic plugin which is incredibly.

By default, Syntastic will detecting Gjslint, Jslint, JSHint and Javascriptlint in our system. Every editing and saving a JS file, syntastic will do several javascript checker.

Today, i found “no docs found for member” error which it comes from Closure Linter. This is happen because i don’t create JSDoc Annotation in my code. JSDoc is useful for auto-complete on several IDE. But, sometimes people don’t need it.
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Modify Jquery Typing disable enter key / some key from start event

I have chat applications based on NodeJS that using Jquery-typing for detecting user activity. This plugin is great, but i facing some problem with enter keys.

I make some script if user press “ENTER”, it will send message. But seems Jquery-typing detect “ENTER” key as start typing activity. It will make my chat application give stop typing notification into another users which message already send. I want to disable some keys in Jquery Typing.

So, i fork from original github and add-ed some additional feature called “keyClear”. Here are some implementation. “ENTER” keyCode is 13. So, i add it into keyclear options :

start: function (event, $elem) {
if(checkVariable(, now.roomId)){
stop: function (event, $elem) {
if(checkVariable(, now.roomId)){
keyclear: 13,
delay: 1000

Now when people press “ENTER” it make not activity, not start or stop typing either.

You can clone it on :

Auto remember form input content while typing using JQUERY

When clients inserting data into form, suddenly their connection lost or accidentally refreshed the web page. And guess what? they facing new empty form again and feel tired to inserting same data again. We can reduce this by using JQUERY cookies which can remember what clients type into form. So, when they refreshed pages even close and open it again, they have previous input data.

To do this, you must download Jquery & Jquery Cookies.

Now if you have input form with name attribute is “website” :

Then, now it’s auto remembering.

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