Solve Overheat in Ubuntu 11.10 with Jupiter + VGA solution

Check this for turn off your VGA and decrease overheat fall into 57 C

After suffering overheat ( 80 Celcius ) about 2 month with Ubuntu Oneiric ( 11.10 ), finally i got my HP 431 so cool and it steady on 66 C. No Overheat anymore. Probably the main cause why this happen is VGA driver which i use ATI and there CPU lock on Maximum mode.

UPDATE: Try upgrade your BIOS. Several people have said they reduce heat by upgrading the BIOS.

My solution is by installing proprietary ATI Radeon manually and use Jupiter for “cooling down” my laptop. First, we should install ATI Radeon driver by following my previous article :

Second, we should install Jupiter on Ubuntu Oneiric by :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/jupiter
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install jupiter

After Jupiter installed, we should enable it on systray. You will have problem to enable Jupiter on Ubuntu 11.10 that run Unity or Unity 2D. Why this Jupiter not shown on Unity panel ? It’s because we need to whitelist-ed our application into Unity panel.

To make Jupiter show up on Unity, create a file called “whitelist” :

if [ ! "$(gsettings get $SCHEMA $OBJECT 2>/dev/null || echo FALSE)" = "FALSE" ]; then
echo "Whitelisting $APP to work around flawed distribution design.."
OBJARRAY=$(gsettings get $SCHEMA $OBJECT | sed -s -e "s#\['##g" -e "s#', '# #g" -e "s#'\]##g")
if [[ "${OBJARRAY[@]}" =~ "$APP" ]]; then
echo "$APP already whitelisted, skipping"
OBJARRAY=$(echo ${OBJARRAY[@]} | sed -s -e "s# #', '#g")
gsettings set $SCHEMA $OBJECT "$OBJSET"
echo "This is not a Canonical \"designed\" product."

Note: This script taken from

Execute it by :

chmod a+x whitelist
./whitelist jupiter

Reboot your Ubuntu to make it works. After the Jupiter menu show up, switch performance mode into “High Performance”.

After this long way, you should have no overheat problem on Ubuntu. :)

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